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Fresh products

The purpose is to deliver all products to the sale point, keeping the natural characteristic of fragrance and freshness without any alteration. This scope is achieved by: an immediate sorting maintaining the Cold Chain strictly application of all hygienic measures in every process phase (HACCP, L.155)

Frozen products

We can rely on structures and facilities coming from the best technologies for cold production. Our Firm guarantees the stocking, drawing and delivering of frozen products, keeping the chain of cold unaffected until the point of sale. A complex monitoring system control carefully the temperature of the cell during the entire process of distribution.

Cheese and other fresh products

The high technology used allows  integration and rationalization of FFC logistic flow (inquiry flow with response flows). Goal: respect, always, customer requirements. The application of global logistic systems permit to reach the right aequilibrium among precision, deadlines, service and cost. Thank's to wide available spaces the Firm is able to move concurrentlyhuge quantity of goods.


The recent investments in platforms for fresh fish and shellfish has made FFC a leading company at nation level. Modern inter-functional units, all certified by CEE STAMP, perform on 24 hours with a transit of 4 millions kg of fish, coming from all over the world. A particular care has been devoted to the freshness' control and quality requirments of the product. Due to the fast decay of fish, the process is under costant control with continuous monitoring of the bacterial status.