Freschezza in movimento

About us and where are we going to

Fresh Food Center was established in 1993 as a result of a  partnership between a group of specialised businessmen coming from different  distribution, trading and construction activities with the specific objective to satisfy the logistic needs of a alarge Distribution Organization in the territory surrounding Rome.

The new innovative ideas consisted in organizing all Corporate assets to solve whatever problems without modifying the Company’s philosophy.

In 1994, the first warehouse was built and at the end of the start up process, the technical staff had completed two more warehouses: the second buildind was built in 1996 and the third in 2000.

At present, the real estate package consists of 48.000 square meters all refrigerated and perfectly suited to be used and customised for the different types of food products’ needs whether in transit or deposited on shelves as by request of the single client.

The proud results have thrusted La Fresh Food Center further from the beginning of their endeavour. In fact, the Firm in an effort to move forward and expand has invested in further land property purghases of 37.000 sq.m. destined to cater to future partners needs “ad hoc.

Furthermore, as FFC business area is becoming more and more national, the Firm has implemented different controlled-temperature cells to manage different products (e.g. fresh and frozen products, poultry,  fish and shellfish…). The process is controlled by a computerised monitoring system that informs specialised staff if there is a non-compliance situation.

The Company uses the most recent software technologies (radio-frequency, voice picking, laser technology, just in time process…)  in order to be more efficient.

2009 statistics of cargo movement:

Fresh products

(carni bianche e rosse confezionate, salumi e formaggi, gastronomia)

Frozen products

Fruits and vegetables

Fish and shellfish

(leader assoluti in ambito regionale)

Kg 80.600.000
Kg 20.150.000
Kg 80.000.000
Kg 7.100.000

Difference starts with us

  • Speed : The operating system allows the application of  lead time, ensuring the maximum reduction in time period between the manifestation of the desire for consumer purchase and suplly of point of sale.
  • Flexibility : To provide customer service commensurate with its characteristics and its size.

With the right truck to destination

Transport strategy relies on an advence operating system, run by specialists, which optimizes loads and deliveries, checking constatntly distribution.

  • Trucks insulated under ATP regulation.
  • Temperture controlled and recorded.